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To develop new products and improve actual products, the firm is constantly gathering information and reviewing within the legal world the development of new needs and opportunities.

Sometimes we form a work team of people that has been working on a case to gather information and to develop the information compiled and processed for a particular case such as a new work product.  Other times, we begin from scratch, feeling that a matter is worth being studied.

We try to stimulate our lawyers, helping them publish articles.  At times, we offer a closed door meeting for a group of potential clients in a particular area.

The following is a brief summary of some of our products in which we have the necessary experience and expertise:


Mergers and Acquisitions


The firm has experience in this area of practice, particularly related to due diligence, mergers and business acquisitions. However, there are other aspects equally relevant to the interests of the employer related to competition law and consumer protection law, as well as the effects of the legal performance of competition defense law.

Assistance in Mediations and Negotiations


The firm, in addition to its training and experience in controversial matters, both in litigious and of non litigious legal aid to individuals and corporations, has provided professional capacity and specialized personnel to assist clients in mediations, conciliations, and arrangements of non judicial character.

Assistance in Pre-financing of Exports


The firm can offer aid in the pre-financing of exports like other relative legal services in the area.  This includes bank acceptances, trusts and financial synergy in relation to letters of credits.

Banking Law


The financial and banking law, the regulation of the Central Bank, the regulation of loans and guarantees, and banking contracts, are some of the firm’s area of expertise. The world of the banking law changes consistently and requires a great level of specialization in daily practice which helps resolve immediate problems. With knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, the firm can follow through with this demand.

Collections, Recovery


The massive recovery of credits from difficult collections is a habitual activity of the firm. The firm has served, and continues to serve, the financial accounts of businesses and banking companies, and individuals either in Argentina the USA and other countries , and provided with an established team to manage the credit collection of big clients and its accredited experience in the field.

Administrative Law


The firm has performed and has experience with administrative actions, some which include defending the interests of the clients in their claims against the Public, National, Provincial or Municipal Administration.  In these types of actions against the Public Administration, or legal assistance with respect to issues related to the Public Administration, the firm has provided professional experience and skill in all aspects that include legal actions. Some examples include the protection of resources and the protection before the Federal Chambers and the nation’s Supreme Court Justice, as well as the actions before a court in its original jurisdiction, such as when a dispute exists between a province and a foreign citizen.

Environmental Law


Relative to the natural resources, toxic wastes, and contamination prevention in the atmosphere and water, particularly concerning gas, petroleum, electric power and the mining industry. Environmental regulations include civil and criminal environmental responsibility, environmental damage, and environmental protection.



Zenarruza & Zenarruza, Attorneys has had, and continues to have, a wide scope in the area of Damages of the most various causes. The firm has developed methodology and expertise in this field, which includes professionals and assistants who are consistently trained for the better assistance to the firms, the proposed legal plan, the dedication to the management of evidence and the correct valuation of the stipulation.

Internet and Electronic Technology


Internet in the legislation of diverse countries, principally in Argentina and in the United States, is an area of practice of the firm, as well as the issues linked to electronic technology.  This practice involves assistance to business.



The firm has experience in legal advice and assistance with regards to labor lawsuits.  We have a highly trained human team to meet the requirements of this area, which is very specific and continually changing.



Zenarruza & Zenarruza, Attorneys has considerable experience in this area.  The firm has the availability of specialized medical and technical support. We provide private mediator services in cases that advise it.  Our controversial activity is an important asset since we intend to obtain decisive results. A medical team of jurist experts offers us the necessary support.

Immigration Law


Immigration law is, in actuality, one of the legal activity scenarios where there are a large number of changes and adaptations to the needs of the global world. The firm has ample experience in the attention to migratory problems towards, or from, neighboring or distant countries in temporary or permanent residence of workers and technicians of diverse origins. The firm has been a leader with regards to the application of legislation inside Mercosur.  Zenarruza & Zenarruza, Attorneys employs professionals specifically trained in this area.

Mining and Mining Law


Our office in Mendoza and Jujuy are in mining territory.  So much in the area of extractive mining like in gas and petroleum, we provide a necessary human team to face the respondent of our clients, making this, also, one of our most relevant areas of practice.

Industrial Property and Intellectual Property


Zenarruza & Zenarruza, Attorneys provides Industrial and Intellectual Property Agents. In addition, the firm has an internationally relevant human team since this area of practice requires a presence in more than one jurisdiction. In this field, the firm offers diverse products that include the record of marks and patents, defense marks, record and re inscription of intellectual property, and assistance with contracts related to the area.

Renegotiation of Debts


In the moment in which economic activity requires a very delicate (?) citizen, the firm has developed capacity and the technical personnel aspects to offer the service of debt negotiations with banking entities. This product enables us to improve the situation of the debtor, allowing us to develop the possibility of important reductions of debts and/or his or her renegotiation in terms that make possible his or her payment and the rescue of the hereditary situation of the debtor.

Artistic and Sports Representation


We have had experience in the celebration of contracts of artistic representations in the country and abroad; this is a frequent practice in the area of contracts.

Societies of Reciprocal Guarantees


This system facilitates the financing of small and medium sized companies by means of the system of reciprocal guarantees; in particular, the firm offers assistance in this aspect and in those linked to the law 24.467/95, Deliver of Judgment of P.E.N. 908/96, as for the constitution of the financial entity constituted by small and medium businessmen to facilitate the access of financing in turn of the granting of arranged guarantees in the Contracts of Guarantees.

Freedom of the Press and Mass Media


The balance between constitutional guarantees and legal responsibility is a relevant aspect in the daily life of the mass media.  The necessity to defend, at all times, the freedom of expression, and the FREE PRESS is an area of practice of our firm, so much in assistance like a lawsuit.



Jurisdicción: Argentina Capital Federal, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Provincias de Mendoza, Provincias de  Jujuy y Salta, Provincia de Corrientes, Colombia Bogotá, Medellín, EEUU Miami, Washington D.C., Los Ángeles.


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-          Foundations, NGOs.

-          Migration  

-          Government

-          Partnerships

-          Transport











-          Banks & Finances

-          Recoveries & Collections

-          Corporative

-          Communications  (Tel. Radio & TV)

-          Competition’s defence.

-          Mining, Oil & Gas

-          Intellectual Property

-          Electronic Commerce








-          Foreign Claims

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-          Transport

-          Raw Materials




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-          Divorce

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-          Medical Malpractice

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